Thursday, August 27, 2015

Blog and May-Blog

The decision to blog was not made out of boredom and a lack of other significant things to do.  It was born from a desire to share thoughts, ideas, sermons, resources, views on current events, etc.  From the beginning, I acknowledge that some things I will say, thoughts I will share, verbage I will use may or may not be original to me.  If so, wonderful.  If not, I will try to remember where it came from in order to give proper credit to whom it is due.  At times, it's a real challenge to remember where One read or heard something.  So there is my disclaimer.  I've made no promise to myself as to the frequency with which I will post.  Today, I Blog.  Tomorrow, I May-Blog.  With this venue, I hope to share blessing, insight, inspiration, and perhaps, a little enlightenment.  Someone said, "These people who think they know everything are a real pain in the neck to those of us who really do."  I make no claim to knowing a lot.  But, I do know a little and I hope to share some.

In this first brief blog, I want to say thanks to my wife of 36 years, Teresa, for standing faithfully by my side in life and ministry.  When she said, "I do," she had no idea all opportunities and obligations that vow would bring.  She is my dearest friend and most trusted confidant.  She performs so many selfless duties and tasks at our home and with our mothers so that I can travel in itinerant evangelistic ministry.  She shares in this great work.  So, I have no doubt that she will share in any blessings and rewards received.  We are in this together!

I look forward to sharing with anyone willing to read this blog.  Please remember, I am a preacher.  So, I May-Blog with some scriptural or religious overtones.  It's who I am and what I do.  May our journey be blessed with peace as we spend a few moments together following Jesus!