Sunday, January 15, 2017

Stop Chasing Fleas and Dead Dogs

What are you pursuing this year?  What do you have in your sites to achieve?  Set your heart on something worthy of your time, talent, and treasure.  In 1 Samuel 24:14, Saul was jealous of David and hoped to kill him.  David asked Saul what he was pursuing.  He told Saul that pursuing him was like chasing a dead dog or a flea.  Don't waste your efforts on chasing less-than-worthy goals this year.  Aim high!  You matter and you have something to contribute.  Go Big!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

When Church Services Are Cancelled

Church Service Announcement

To those whose church services are cancelled due to the weather (or any reason)-
Please remember that the expenses of the local church continue even when a service is cancelled and no congregation gathers and gives tithes and offerings to meet the financial needs of the church.  Consider mailing your financial contributions ASAP so deposits can be made and bills can be paid in a timely manner. If your church website allows online giving, consider giving in that way.  If you cannot give online or mail your contribution, when you go to church the next Sunday, be certain to contribute what you should give that day along with what you would have given on the day of the cancelled service(s).  Missing part or all of a week's income would affect any family.  Those who are committed to the Biblical principle of supporting the local church with tithes and offerings will give in support of the church even when services have to be cancelled or we are absent because of other reasons, including vacations.